Corporate Gifts for Branding

Corporate Gifts for Branding

Corporate Gifts for Branding

Clothing is a valued giveaway. When a company offers promotional products, wearables are almost never turned down, regardless of the design or message on the T-shirt. Corporate gifts allow companies, whether large or small, to welcome new clients/Customers, thank existing ones, or woo and impress potential clients. Many corporate gifts that are embellished with a company logo, allows companies to discreetly stay in the consciousness of clients and partners. When you hand out pieces of clothing that boast your business logo, think of how easily your efforts are working for you. Anytime someone dons an imprinted article, like a brand tee shirt, your company receives free advertising, even if someone is just shopping at a mall or going to the gym. Your name is exposed to any body who merely glances at the person, thus promoting your Brand.

Corporate Dress Code

Brand Logo t-shirts are ideal for corporate apparel. Although “business casual” dominates most dress codes today all over the World, Various company’s/institutions Observe policies that allow fellow employees to be a bit more relaxed if they dress in branded Clothing or on particular days like Fridays/Saturdays or for some particular meetings/conferences. They are perfect for fitness, they wash easily, and they are the most accommodating for differing ages, sizes, and gender. In the office, hardworking employees value the opportunity to take a break from their usual work uniform and dress down a little, especially if the outfit is obtained for free. It is a welcomed change to be able to sport jeans and a comfortable tee shirt to a professional job. Giving away customized Logo tee shirts to your staff also scores bonus points in the employee satisfaction category, which has become critical for the HR today. Making employees happy with such a simple gesture is worth the small investment

T-Shirts as Prizes

Brand Logo T-Shirts can be used for rewards and incentives programs, tee shirts function well as one of the most basic items in the range of available prizes. For sales competitions tee shirts work well as an introductory, lower level award.

Schools / Colleges

The schools and colleges in India are moving towards a more casual dress code that includes T-Shirts and Jeans as part of their uniform. Also T-shirts are a great promotional investment for educational institutions. Branded clothing with the school insignia can be donated to parents, employees, students, sports teams, and clubs and organizations. Teachers, especially, are one group that looks forward to those casual Saturdays in which wearing jeans and a logoed garment of some sort is celebrated.

For Trade Shows

Trade show etiquette is simplified by implementing a uniform dress code policy. First of all, your staff looks more professional in company apparel, like matching Logo tee shirts. As a benefit to them, their packing for the event requires little thought. Most importantly, everyone as a team looks more pulled together and serious about promoting the work of the business. From a distance, when your trade show workers are similarly dressed in company wear, your booth stands out. Customers easily recognize your business, and they know just who to contact if they need assistance or have questions.

Gifts at Trade Shows

Its always a tough choice what to give to potential customers who walk into your booth, specially the customers whom you know have a good potential or have been doing Good business with you, customized Brand T-shirts offers a good way to express your gratitude and remind the client of your product/brand.

Gift for Information

Several businesses feature a free gift available to the public by signing up on-line with their web site. The exchange is simple. Individuals share a bit of one’s contact information so that the business can incorporate individuals onto a mailing list for special offers, discounts, and news. Then, the customer gets a free tee shirt mailed to his or her address. Another added bonus of giving away a clothing item like the branded Logo t-shirt is that demographics are unimportant. Tee shirts are a standard part of the Indian wardrobe now. Children, teens, adults, the retired, the elderly, everyone owns a T-shirt.

Important Points to be considered

1. If you plan to get T-shirts customized do give yourself a time window of 6 weeks minimum. Plan ahead of the requirement to get the best results

2. If you don’t have time then you can pick up from the ready stock, this option would give you t-shirts in 5-7 days which are required for Logo Embroidery/Print etc.

3.The T-shirts can be customized as per your budget and the end-use.

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