The Benefits of Wearing a 100% Cotton T-Shirt

The Benefits of Wearing a 100% Cotton T-Shirt

The Benefits of Wearing a 100% Cotton T-Shirt

Majority of the Customers love Cotton T-Shirts, Whether it’s a Polo Collar Pique T-Shirt or a Crew Neck Tshirt made of light weight single jersey fabric, Cotton T-Shirts are most Popular in India, but what is it that makes a 100% cotton Tshirt so good?

Most important consideration for hot and Humid Climate like India is the Cooling properties of the fabric and cotton is known for it’s cooling properties. Wear a cotton Tshirt in warm climate like that of India and your skin will still be able to breath and keep cool. A cotton Tshirt will take the moisture away from skin, which is another factor in keeping you cool and dry feeling in the summer months or when you are sweating it out.

Similarly, cotton is a natural insulator and so as well as being a breathable fabric that will keep you feeling cooler, it can also keep you warmer when worn as an under-layer, more so than most other synthetic fabrics out there.

It is very rare that a 100% cotton Tshirt will ever cause you an allergic reaction, as it is widely known as a hypoallergenic material and does not irritate the skin. It is a most comfortable fabric to wear, and so perfect for an item of clothing that is worn on a daily basis to work or to work Out. Cotton is a durable fabric and is ideal for Tshirts that need to withstand regular washing.

Some of the advantages of Cotton Tshirts are

Wear More, Wash Less: Since cotton is breathable,it doesn’t retain odors like oil-based polyester fabrics, you can save your clothes a few trips to the washing machine between wears. Plus you’ll save money, water and energy, and help your clothes last even longer.

Wear Cotton Anytime, Anywhere: From work to play, athletic wear to evening wear, cotton is everywhere. The fiber is so versatile that it can be woven or knitted into different types of fabrics, So no matter what the occasion, cotton has you covered.

Cotton Is Low Maintenance: Cotton is easier to wash and care for than other fabrics, so let your washing machine do your dirty work and enjoy the money you’ll save on dry cleaning.

Breathe Easy: Cotton breathes better than oil-based synthetic fabrics like polyester, so it’s the perfect thing to wear when you’re working out. Not to mention that moisture-wicking cotton is specially designed to keep you drier and cooler during exercise.

Look Good, Feel Even Better: Cotton is soft, absorbent and breathable. So, if your clothes are itchy, irritating, stiff or clingy, look on your label because your clothing may not be cotton-rich.

Cotton Doesn’t Stink: When you’re cooking dinner, working out or sitting around the campfire, your clothes are bound to soak in different odors. With cotton, you don’t have to worry. It releases stinky substances more easily than other fabrics once it’s in the washing machine.

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